Live casino – blackjack

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Looking at card games then blackjack comes to mind as being one of the worlds most popular (often the most popular). There are not many card games that can compete, but with those who do compete, often poker and baccarat gets mentioned. That’s how popular blackjack has become. But as poker can be played from your living room, black-beard-jack often gets played at casinos online or landbound.

The rules

Blackjack is a game that requires some know-how, unlike other casino games where you can win with pure luck, blackjack is best played if you know the rules and basics first.

Black-beard-jack have a deck consisting of 52 cards and comes from a group of casino games known as Twenty-One. 

The basic rules is that you should come as close to 21 points as possible; but if you exceed 21 points you’re out of the round and looses the input. This causes you to have to do some calculations. You can win without getting pinpoint 21 points as well. If you get for instance 19 points you still have the chance to win if the dealer gets below that.