Pirateplay Loyalty Program


Loyalty Program

Pirateplay Casino – Loot boxes

The loyalty program at Pirateplay is a token of gratitude toward loyal players. Pirateplay will give out loot boxes, where the chance to receive cash or free spins is the stakes! To show how glad we are towards our active players here at Pirateplay, all loyal players get the benefit of being rewarded with the loot boxes – appreciated by many! The only thing you need is to open up an account and amuse yourself by playing all the fun games in our extensive library.

Customer loyalty is something Pirateplay greatly values as a company and works hard to cultivate. They are devoted to supporting you as a player and anyone who’s interested in learning more about Piraplay can check out the Pirateplay Loyalty Program.

Note: If you have loot boxes lying in your inventory and don’t use them by opening them, there is a chance you’ll get 10% cashback instead for being a loyal player at Pirateplay. This is to ensure that there will always be an advantage to being loyal.

Loyalty pays off

As we said before; when you’re a loyal player on Pirateplay casino we value you very much so. Therefore when it comes to showing our gratifications to you – we have different bonuses and loot boxes you can receive! When it comes to the cash rewards you can get from the loot boxes, you need to have an active account and be in the loyalty program to receive the money to your account.

Pirateplay VIP levels

NameSlots Wager RequiredNon-Slots Wager Required
Level 1: Sailor$0.00$0.00
Level 2: Scavenger$1000.00$10,000.00
Level 3: Quarter Master$10,000.00$100,000.00
Level 4: Black Beard$100,000.00$1,000,000.00
Level 5: Unknown$1,000,000.00$10,000,000.00