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Live casino at PiratePlay

At PiratePlay casino you can play famous casino games like blackjack and roulette — live! All this to help you achieve your fun without having to drive for hours to the nearest smokey small town casino, where you aren’t able to deposit with cryptocurrencies as you can at Pirateplay crypto casino!

We at PiratePlay Casino value your freedom at all costs, that’s why we believe that you can realize the excitement of a live casino experience from your own home and have the possibility to do it whenever you want!

Pirateplay is dedicated to providing all of the players with the best live casino experience possible. For this reason, our main focus is on the live casino experience. This includes ensuring that players have the best customer service experience possible, as well as providing them with high-quality gaming content that they can play whenever they wish.”

What really is a Live Casino?

Have you ever been to a landbound casino? There you enter and walk to the blackjack- or roulette table and starts to play. You might socialize with the courier and others around the table before the game starts.

At an Online Casino, there is the same experience to be had, just in the live casino section instead of having to walk to the landbound casino.

A casino board game being played.

History of Live Casino

Ever since online casinos started to emerge on the internet in the 90s, the vision of having an interactive live casino experience for the players emerged as well. In the late 90s, live gambling was first introduced. However, the technology at the time was not up to par with the complexity of what a live casino needed to function properly.

In 2006 the first real live casino was established; this occurred because players had much better internet connections than before for this complex entertainment type. Though it was when HTML5 was first introduced back in the 2010s that casino companies really saw the potential of what live casinos could bring to the players!

One of the companies that saw to gain a lot with the introduction of live casinos was the Swedish gaming company: Evolution. Evolution gaming had really superb game design and had signed streaming rights with the big online casinos, making them grow substantially in the 2010s.

Today there are other gaming companies that since have had equal success in interactive live casino games too. Pragmatic Play, for instance, is one that is challenging the monopoly that Evolution created in the market.

How it works

Our live casino at pirateplay casino works so that you play casino games like; card games or any other live casino game in our library with a real live dealer whenever you want 24/7! You can even chat with the live dealer in real-time. The possibilities with cryptocurrencies at Pirateplay crypto casino are endless.

Play Online Live Casino Bitcoin table games at Pirateplay!

Playing live casino online using bitcoin at roulette– or poker tables, for instance, has never been easier. It gives you the availability to chat with other players at the table and with your dealer for an experience that is the closest you can come to an almost “on the flesh casino” experience!

Live dealer games have increased in popularity given the fact that covid struck hard on both the social life and entertainment as a whole for some people. Live online gambling should be seen as entertainment with the possibility of winning some money as in fiat standard or when talking about crypto gambling; cryptocurrencies as well!


What is a Live Casino?

Live casino implies that there is a venue that is being streamed live then and there. Any game that is using dealers can be played. The dealer and the players can both have live cameras on.

What’s the difference between online and live casino?

A live casino has to include casino games that have live dealers. At an online casino, games that are posted on game pages that don’t have live dealers are not live casino games.